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    Welcome to A Cardboard Christmas

    • Welcome to A Cardboard Christmas Celebration Class

What is A Cardboard Christmas?

...and why should I join

Well - that's a great question! My name is Kim and I am the creator behind the blog Salvaged Living where I share easy DIY and home decor for a life and home redeemed. God gave me the blog as a place to unleash my creativity and share my love for Him! For a few years I have been hosting fun Christmas classes that help you dig in a little deeper for the holidays. This year God gave me the idea of a cardboard Christmas theme because I LOVE using cardboard as a crafting supply! It's readily available, inexpensive and so versatile. This class is a four part series that will teach you four crafts (with the main ingredient being cardboard) and we will have 4 accompanying discussions/studies to go with each craft. They four sessions all tie together to focus on the celebration of Christ's birth. By the end of the four sessions you will have four new pieces of DIY home decor and some dedicated time to unpack the beauty that is Christmas. I can't wait for you to join me. If you join this class before it starts or during you can jump in on the live crafting and discussion sessions over in the private Facebook group. If you join after you can watch the replay in the course platform. Al links will be given upon purchase. The live dates and times are as follows, you DO NOT have to be live, all material will be recorded for you to watch/re-watch at your leisure: ⚫ November 9 - 12:00 PM Central ⚫ November 12 - 7:00 PM Central ⚫ November 16 - 7:00 PM Central ⚫ November 19 - 12:00 PM Central⚫
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Class Bonus

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    Each member of the Cardboard Christmas Class can join the private, members only Facebook group! It's a special place to see each other's crafts from the class, encourage one another and share.

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